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The BODY Statement Gym

609 East Speer (between Washington & Pearl)
Denver, Colorado 80203


Gym: 303.715.0GYM (0496)


If you need to contact a BODY Statement Trainer, Nutrition Specialist, Fitness Consultant, Tiffany Yee or any of our instructors, please fill out the information below and someone will return your e-mail message promptly! You may also contact us at 303-715-0GYM (0496). If we are unavailable to answer your phone call we may be with clients, so please leave a message with your name, phone number and the type of session(s) you are interested in and a BODY Statement Representative will be in contact with you!

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*NOTE- Personal training sessions and seminars are currently available in Denver, Colorado and periodically in Los Angeles, California. For those of you who live outside these areas, Online Training and Nutritional Programs are available. (Tiffany is also periodically available in Sacramento, California area).